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Jeannine’s “Miracle” Story…

Have a dear friend, Tom Hoobyar, who crossed over to beyond the other side (as I refer to it) yesterday. 

Last week I posted this inspiring story in an open Facebook group "Tom's Healing Journey" from another dear friend, Jeannine. 

Reposting it here. 

Because... it's important.

~ Diane



Was talking earlier today with a dear friend I’ve known since 1988, Jeannine Taicher,  who’s also met Tom several times.  (She’s been one of my own stalwart supporters though this challenging time. )

Jeannine wanted me to write, and share, her own unexpected recovery story with you.  She’s hoping it might help.

When she was 25-years-old, she mysteriously developed a life-threatening disease called Guillain-Barre syndrome.  She was in a hospital for months, completely paralyzed.

At one point, she even died. 

As she describes it, she was suddenly at peace and out-of-pain, could “move around the room” and watch the doctors frantically trying to revive her.  In their “logical” expertise, she had no brain activity, pulse, heartbeat, or other indicators of life.  She was clinically dead for at least 4 minutes.  In fact, the doctors had called her parents to say she had died.

During that seemingly timeless out-of-body experience, she could think a thought and instantly travel effortlessly  around on the earth plane, visiting places and people.  She also then went through a tunnel of white light, moving into an energy of extreme peace and happiness.  She describes her arrival, at the end of the tunnel, as seeing about twelve or so white-robed beings who welcomed her and helped her through a life review.  She recalls she could “see” everyone and everything through her entire lifetime on earth and how she had helped others ,or  how much love she had given with her actions, or not.  It was as if her soul was being weighed.  At the end of the review, she described that there was an “energy number.”  The beings then said something to the effect that it was very high and so she would be given a choice. 

She could either move on, or return. 

Before making a decision, they let her see the place she would be moving to. 

As she recalls, it was completely filled with light. You could see through everything and everyone – colors and shapes – as if they were crystal light.  There was not one iota of hiding, nothing opaque, because there are no shadows.  She describes it as a continuum of fabulous, amazing things.  She felt an amazing feeling -- like euphoria – that flowed with the beauty.  All feelings are fused into love.  Behind it all, there was a power of LOVE that sustains it continuously, like a fountain.  She says she kept experiencing amazement after amazement constantly.   She could even see her own eyes looking at the light.

But, as much as she wanted to remain,  she also knew her parents would be too sad, because she could also “see” them in their sadness and “see” their feelings.

She made the definite decision to return, and that’s when -- simultaneously -- she started breathing again, her heart started beating again, her brain came alive, and her spirit returned.  As she woke up, she was totally happy that she had had that experience.  The only condition to come back she describes as -- her destiny agreement – was to help others.

The doctors were apparently shocked, especially when she told them that she would move something every day and they better come back and take a look.

Of course, they said, “No way,” and told her the most she would ever be able to do was lie there and not even sit up.  She describes that she had to “move her spirit” into different parts of her body to reactive it and prove it to them.  Spirit is like breath, infusing the heart, mind, and body.

It took six weeks of total intention to move and to walk again, but she walked out of the hospital by herself, after Doctor’s had declared it “Impossible!”  

But she did it. 

She will turn 70 this coming January and has had a “full” life.  Because of her time on the other side, she says she can “see” and sense when beings are visiting, and she also came back with many other healing gifts.

People were praying for her and she saw it, but if she wanted to, she could let go. 

She just wanted you to know, it clearly was *her* decision.. and according to her “bank” account in the spirit… and her decision alone… and no one else’s on this side… if she was to return to her body… or continue beyond within the other side.

She calls it her “victory.”  And says, either way would have been a victory. 

She came back here, for her parents.

Hope this helps.  ~ Diane

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Jeannine is my mom! Thank god she stayed! She is an unbelievable person and spirit!!!

October 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCaroine

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