Creating Beauty... At Home... In Your Life... 

Envisioning your life differently is an inside job.  (You probably know this but it bears repeating.)  It helps, as well, to have a potential vision, outside, to help concentrate your focus on what you choose to create.

One way (among many) is with digital renderings and computer imaging design ideas.

Ofter overlooked, homes can be a direct reflection of our daily experiences, especially if clutter clearing is overdue, or the energy is dull and lifeless. 

For example, is your wealth and prosperity a tad barren?  Is your backyard?

The two are often related.



What if you could “see” the possibilities for abundance?



How would that make you feel

Intrigued?  Excited?  Motivated?



Imagine creating a “sacred space” within your yard. 

A magical place to rejuvenate, relax, and  realize “what’s important” to get moving on with it.

If you can’t quite do it – yet – in the physical, then do it in the digital. 

You might be surprised at what can happen!

Shift Happens.



You’ve heard of “visioning boards” right? 

In time… we’ll be adding our digital versions to help you with picturing Sacred Spaces, “seeing” what Feng Shui could look like, what happens when Space Clearing is invoked, how to begin “Living A Luminous Life”, and even playing with the idea of designing Luminescent Interiors… in your dreams… and in your “reality.”

Meanwhile, if you'd like to see more digital renderings for all kinds of outdoor landscapes and hardscapes, check out DJSquire Designs, our "design ideas" site:  ;-D


~ Diane &